IKT-Fest 2019 Bali (International Kids & Teens Festival)

IKT-Fest 2019 Bali (International Kids & Teens Festival)

We, The Platinum Skills, are pleased to present an international big event for the entire kids and teens from all over the world to join forthcoming International Kids & Teens Festival 2019 in Bali (IKT-Fest 2019), conducted on November 4-10, 2019.

It has been so much fun for parents and mentors for sure, to see our young children learn and grow in a positive manner. IKT-Fest 2019 Bali is aimed at building a moment wherein our young children, kids & teens aged 5-18 years old, share their impressive talents, interests, and excitement across cultures and nations. Imagine if our young children who would inherit our legacy, will color their bright future with outstanding talents, open-minded manner, as well as cross-cultural understanding when leading the countries.

IKT-Fest 2019 is going to one of the biggest children summit for kids and teen wherein about 500 kids and teens from over the world are invited to join. There are 3 main values embodied within IKT-Fest 2019 which are Friendships & Cultural Exchange, International Study Tour, Kids & Teens Leadership Empowerment.

What makes IKT-Fest 2019 Bali different from others?

7 reasons why IKT-Fest 2019 will be much different from any of its kinds.
1. Participants can spend their school holiday and family vacation with something different than ever before, which is joining IKT-Fest 2019 in Bali
2. Participants will have to perform their talents in front others
3. Participants will have valuable learning sessions on public speaking, soft skills, arts performance
4. Participants will enjoy exciting study tour around beautiful Bali island
5. A chance for participants to get awards on a few nominations of IKT-Fest 2019
6. A chance for participants to get Scholarship to join forthcoming World Children Ambassador
7. Accompanying parents/mentors will have valuable workshop on parenting skills attended by prominent experts/specialist.

Book for your seats soon and save up to US$ 100 for early bird enrollment period during September 10 – 25, 2019

Enrollment Period Deadline: October 22, 2019

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